I wanted to take a moment today to THANK YOU for an incredible 9 years in business!

I got the vision to create what has now become The Well back in the summer of 2012. I was training for my first marathon, Richmond, with the Sportsbackers MTT team. I almost opted to go in the direction of opening a bakery, but landed on becoming a coach and opening a fitness studio instead because though I enjoyed bringing joy through my baked goods to my teammates that were running lots of miles together, I knew not everyone was expending that kind of energy and didn’t want my tasty treats to go to their waistline, heart, and blood sugar. I even played around with the idea of a “healthy” bakery, which I may return to at some point. 

In training for my first marathon and thinking about my then 2-year dive into running and learning all about training, programming, increasing fitness, and prioritizing rest and recovery, I saw the opportunity to become a coach.

Even more importantly, I saw how training principles applied to so many other facets to life, and how much joy accomplishing a run brought to myself and my teammates.

I knew I didn’t want it to just be me, either – as in, I didn’t just want to be a personal trainer. I wanted to be able to help a lot of people through fitness and I couldn’t do it alone. I also wanted to provide a great environment for trainers to work in, combining their skills and their passion and giving them a great place to exercise them! I’m so proud to work with the team we have today, our trainers are such fantastic humans!

This is where we are today! I thank you because we couldn’t have done it without you – our clients and our community. You make such a difference, even if you are only reading our blog for the first time, I promise I’m writing *to you*. 

We root for and celebrate the expansion of health, fitness, and overall wellness in your life and hope you are doing and feeling great as we sink our toes deeper into 2023.


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