I was at the Fan studio on Monday planting our hyacinth bulbs outside that we had from last year .. here’s hoping that I saved them correctly and that soon we have fragrant flowers! 
As I was there, I got to thinking about the things we do at both of our locations to make the experience you have the best that we possibly can. From having towels available to use if you get all sweaty, to extra water bottles, to having a massage table on site with a few massage therapists that generally have availability and could work with you after your workout or another time. 
Recovery is such a big part of taking good care of your body, hence our emphasis on things like foam rolling and stretching. Massage is a great modality to take advantage of to help ease discomforts, to destress, and to keep you going! I recommend getting at least one a month. (I typically get one every 3 weeks).
So, whether you’re a client of The Well or not and want to connect with one of our massage therapy partners, reach out and let us know! We also have cards/brochures at both locations.
What are you doing to take good care of yourself today? 🙂 
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