It is not uncommon for us to set out on a goal with fervent energy and run out of steam at some point.

What we do when we recognize ourselves in these moments is what makes the difference.

What do we do?

Chances are, it’s been some sort of a period of time before we realize that we are in this state of complacency or backsliding from the action towards and excitement for a goal. Even more so, we may experience a feeling of personal “let down” that comes with this realization. This usually depends on the level of importance and/or urgency that was initially placed around the end goal.

The good news is this: this is all normal. These internal notifications are like a GPS system our bodies and souls have when we set out to accomplish something. The better news is that we can now do something constructive about it.

For example: you’re driving home from work and remember that you had wanted to pick up something from the store, so you take a tangent from your route and run the errand. Let’s say you run into a friend you haven’t seen in a while as you’re there and get into a 15-minute conversation. Then, you wind up browsing and pick up 2 other things you hadn’t thought of or gone there to get, but they catch your eye. 35 minutes later, you’re back on route to get home. Eventually you get home. You course corrected a few times but kept the main goal in mind and still got there in the end.

Apply the same mentality to the other goals in your life. Take assessment of where you are in relation to your goal, course correct, and get back into an action mode. You might have to change the actions you take, or even perhaps your expectation of the amount of action you can reasonably take, therefore possibly changing the timeline of your goal. Regardless, keep your eye on the goal, don’t take it personally or emotionally, get back up, and keep chipping away at it.

If it is an important, rational, possible goal, what’s the alternative?

Next, we’ll dig deeper into breaking goals down into manageable plans and actions.


  1. Set goal
  2. Take action
  3. Course correct
  4. Take action
  5. Repeat #3 & #4 as many times as necessary
  6. Achieve goal
  7. Set another goal
  8. Repeat 🙂

“Remember, you don’t fail until you quit.”

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