What we have today is a result of our thoughts and actions over the past number of weeks and months, even years.

Results from the habits we change don’t come overnight. In fact, it can take weeks or months before we see the real changes we are looking for.

In the realm of health, fitness and wellness:

  • “In 4 weeks, you’ll feel it”
  • “In 8 weeks, you’ll see it”
  • “In 12 weeks, you’ll hear it”

Ok, great. So, how do we break a cycle of starting out on a goal with daily habits in mind only to fall off of the tracks a few weeks in?

Making full commitment, keeping the end in mind and having successive goals to work towards is key.

  1. Make a full commitment to achieving your goals. No quitting.
  2. Invest your resources into the direction you want to go. This means: your time, energy and money.
  3. Break down long-term goals into shorter-term segments and then into daily actions/habits that push you toward your goals. These daily actions become a goal to be achieved in themselves.

Breaking down longer-term goals into shorter-term segments not only boosts motivation when these smaller goals are achieved but serve as benchmarks to hit to let you know you’re on track for your longer-term goal.

Your daily habits will produce the results that you get. If you’re not happy with where you’re at today, you didn’t get there overnight, and you won’t get out of there overnight. However, with effort and diligence, you can create different results in the next 4 weeks.

Let us come alongside you to help you accomplish your health, fitness and wellness goals. We will help you create reasonable goals and a realistic game plan to get you there, while holding you accountable along the way. Apply for an Exploratory Session today and let’s get going!

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