How do we get restarted after stepping back, for whatever reason?
Get a baseline measurement for where you’re at today. Don’t take it as a personal or self-defining mark, but rather information gathering to see what you’re capable of right now.
Start small. Incremental action = winning, and should be treated as such! Even if you are (only) 1% better today than yesterday, think of what that means over the course of a year! All of the small wins add up. Soon enough, you’ll be able to look back and be in awe at what you’ve accomplished simply because you stuck with small wins. If your goal is to increase your physical endurance, try adding 5 minutes to your exercise or doing 5 more reps when you’re strength training.
Always remember the long haul. Taking care of our health, fitness, and overall wellness is not something that we can just do once really hard and then be set for life. This is an ongoing maintenance project. Treat it as such! Regardless if your goal is a marathon or simply to be in the best shape ever, put it in light of how you want to be and feel ten years from now.
Don’t give up, but adjust when and where needed. Pay attention to how you feel and how your body is responding to your exercise. You don’t want to be inhibited by soreness for 5 days after a workout session. Rather, 48-72 hours of a feeling of work well done will have you feeling the win without potentially injuring yourself.
We’re always here to help!
PS: bonus points if you apply this same principle to your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being!
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