This is a very valid question. In my years of experience now and seeing the clients we work with succeed in their goals for their health, fitness, and overall wellness, sometimes I forget to go back to pre-trainer mindset.
I began my own fitness journey in the gym (also pre-trainer mindset) 15 years ago this year. You may have read before some of my story – I was determined and hard-headed, spending a lot of time and most days in the gym on cardio equipment, machines, and free weights.
However, I had no focus (other than finally feeling good in my own skin) and also had no direct guidance (I was to and fro on many different ideas and fads). 
I was wasting a lot of my time spinning my wheels, I would have likely gotten myself injured, and I also wasn’t doing any work on my mindset – it was all about muscling through the workouts and getting to my goal.
This is not to say that the gym failed me. The gym gave me what it promised: a place to work out with inspected and maintained equipment, with hours of operation I could go, and water fountains, etc. 

I thought I could do it on my own. Until I’d learned all I understand now, being a personal trainer. I wish I’d had a trainer back then, even if it were to meet once a week to learn from them. I didn’t even consider it, because I figured immediately I wouldn’t have been able to afford it.

All this to say, if you’ve got health, fitness, and wellness goals that you’re serious about, I urge you to reach out to us so that we can help you get there without all the trouble I went through.

I’d have saved a lot of time, frustration, and energy getting better results. I also likely would have saved money, learning that I didn’t even necessarily need the gym but a few pieces of equipment at home, or could get an effective workout for my goals with just my bodyweight or one piece of equipment (TRX).

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