We’ve often gotten the question, “what does holistic mean, and what is functional fitness?”
We believe in and practice a holistic philosophy in our coaching (and lives):
  • balance of physical activity/exercise and rest/recovery
  • balance of eating nutritionally to fuel our body and eating sometimes to feed our soul; (big win to be had here if they are both one and the same!)
  • training our mind to support us positively in the areas of life we need the same principles we learn in physical training
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    • listening to our bodies, paying attention to and responding to what it needs in any given moment – if it is rest, rest; if it is movement, movement
    • developing and maintaining good posture in our bodies that supports our daily activities
    • understanding that our physical health and fitness is but one facet of our lives, albeit a very important one
    • also understanding that any one facet of our lives can affect the other areas (ever had a terrible boss? A relationship that went south? Etc)
    Holistic in the functional fitness realm means that we not only focus on strength and endurance, but also balance, flexibility, stability, and mobility.
    Do you move with ease? Are you able to do the things that bring you joy in your life, like keeping up with kids or grandkids, going hiking, or simply being able to lug the groceries up the stairs without getting winded or get out of bed in the morning with a spring in your step instead of creaks and grumbles?
    Let’s see how we can work together and help you towards your health, fitness, and wellness goals while keeping a balance of life and sustainability in improving your lifestyle. Apply today for an Exploratory Session!
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