By now, you likely know I’m a psychology dork and am ever-fascinated by what causes us to think as we think and act as we do.

Two of the sessions that I sat in on at the retreat in O’ahu last week brought a common stream of thoughts together.Β 


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So much of what we accomplish or don’t accomplish rests upon our mindset. If we believe we can do something, we’re more likely to take action on it, and more likely to accomplish it. Our thoughts consciously and subconsciously guide our actions which produce our results.Β 

During the course of a meditation session, the question came up: “How good can I allow it to be?” I referenced this in my email last week, how it can be easy to fall into a habit of waiting for ‘the other shoe to drop,’ rather than anticipating that everything works out, everything works for our good, and perhaps everything can be even better than we imagined!

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Our perception truly does become our reality. When we think in certain ways and expect certain things, we not only look for validation of being right, but act on those thoughts as well. And when we want to make changes, it’s important that we steer everything within ourselves in that direction.

Taking that into the health, fitness, and wellness realm: are you willing to allow it to be good? What if it were easy? Would you allow it to be easy? (Does itΒ haveΒ to be difficult?)

If what we focus on is what predominantly develops in our life, let’s focus more on what we really want versus what we are afraid of happening. When thinking of caring for our health and fitness, think of it in a way that is a new way of living, versus a bunch of things you’re doing to achieve a short-term result, figuring that you’ll likely yo-yo back to old habits after a period of time, yadda-yaddah.

A few moments of visualization and meditation daily can make huge leaps and bounds towards the success you wish to experience. And, when you’re setting or re-establishing goals, think of the long haul, versus the here-and-now.

Need some accountability? Let us know! πŸ™‚Β 

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