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What is your morning routine like right now? Do you wake with setting an intention for your day, finding things to be grateful for around you, relaxed, calm, and confident that a great day is ahead? Or do you wake frazzled after hitting snooze a few times, immediately checking your phone upon waking and jumping into the day haphazardly putting out the fires that seem to demand your attention?

One of the things I’m recommitting to is a recreation and re-establishment of a morning routine that best supports me and not only what I want to accomplish in a day, but also, how I want to feel. 

It can be easy to set and work towards work, life, and even health goals. However, how much time do we spend at the summit or achievement of a goal versus how much time and energy do we invest getting there? So much of our lives are spent in the journey itself, not just in the achievement. This is why I love contemplating and prioritizing how I want to feel and how I want to experience life while on the way to achieving my goals. It has made the day-to-day process a heck of a lot more enjoyable!

I’ll give you an example of my morning routine: whenever possible, I work to wake up naturally instead of to an alarm. It’s a lot more enjoyable to me to have Dagny, my middle “child” (pup, who turns 3 in February!) get in my face and demand pets. She usually sniffs all around my face and then sneezes in it. It’s great, haha.

I’ve been committing to not checking my emails first thing and will just check my home screen and notifications on my phone to see if there is anything urgent that I need to take care of. Otherwise, I am protecting my mental space by choosing my own thoughts and energy to start the day with, instead of the news or a non-urgent something that needs to get done outside of what my actual plans for the day were (which, are set the night before). 

morning routine holistic personal training
journaling holistic personal training

From there, I drink a tall glass of water, give the pups their fancy “breakfast” food, and take them out while brewing a cup of hot tea. Then I have visualization, meditation, breathwork and journaling, not necessarily in that order or all at once, but those are the tasks I am committed to doing to keep my mind tethered to what I’m doing with my day (and my life), so if I do 2 to 3 of those 4 first thing and then the other sometime later in the day, that’s what I do. After that, I get my own workout in on any day of the week other than Monday and Friday (those are my personally designated “rest”/recovery days). 

Then, I have breakfast, usually while watching or listening to something inspirational, be it a workshop or a podcast, and then go about starting my work.

I’ve found personally that getting my workout not only physically but mentally and emotionally first thing in the day winds up being easiest for me to make sure that I do them as it is very easy for me to get caught up in work and getting everything done for everyone else, leaving not much room for my own self at the end of the day, if that. Real talk, I’m also recommitting to an evening ritual where I specifically have a cut-off time for work to be done and to do something such as coloring or taking a bath to wind down.

And of course, when I’m working from home, I love to take little breaks throughout the day to love on my pups. 🙂 

Do you have a morning routine and evening ritual of sorts? Do you do any, a few, or all of the above? Perhaps you’d like to revisit and re-evaluate your routines to better or best support you. 

We’re here to help! Always feel free to reach out.

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