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Oftentimes, it’s not a particular weight or fitness goal that is the true end result one is looking for, it’s how that will make them feel.

Dropping a few sizes may cause you to feel sexier or more attractive, therefore boosting your confidence. What does feeling more attractive and more confident do for you? How does that affect other areas of your life?

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Being able to climb stairs without getting out of breath might encourage you to feel better about doing other active things in your life. How does that create motion and wellbeing in other areas of your life? Might you go on that hike with your friend?

Getting out of bed in the morning without lower back discomfort and stiffness may put an extra pep in your step the entire day. How does that play out? Are you more likely to have a better day because you feel good?

As you can see, these things affect so many areas of our lives. Our bodies are our tools to navigate this life, and taking good care of ourselves makes the entire experience that much more enjoyable.

So, in considering your health, fitness, and wellness goals for 2023, how do you want to FEEL?

Energized? Excited? Empowered? Strong? Spry? Healthy? At ease? Balanced?

Take note if there is any resistance to answering this question as well. Sure, one can beat one’s body into submission to achieve a weight or fitness goal, but – is that sustainable? Is it enjoyable? Is it healthy?

If you’re not already working with us, I invite you to apply for an Exploratory Session and let’s have a discussion on how our personal trainers can help you not only reach your goals, but do it in a way that is enjoyable, and thus, sustainable, and supports your overall WELLbeing!

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