In all of our work with clients, there are two top nutritional challenges that are most common and are the most beneficial to tackle .. can you guess what they are?

drumroll please ..!

Mindless calories and empty calories.

That may or may not come as a surprise. Habits like boredom eating, emotional eating, or eating after you’ve partaken in some empty calories (i.e. alcoholic drinks) top the list for top two nutritional habits that just shoot us in the foot.

Do you find yourself opening the fridge every time you walk past, just because? Prepping for a conversation you’re not excited about having and have some chocolate on hand? End the evening with a glass (or two) of wine or a beer (or two) to wind down? 

Habits like these can be seemingly easy to fall into, and seemingly difficult to change. However, the first step to making a change is awareness around what it is you want to change. 

This is where things like logging the food you take in on a daily basis can be beneficial in helping you to recognize patterns. How often do you open the fridge or pantry? Are you actually hungry? Are you munching to qualm emotional or mental stress? Are you winding down with a drink most nights of the week?

From there, you can assess whether you want to change it. Is the habit bringing positive benefits, negative effects, or a combination of both? What’s the ratio of positive to negative?

Finally, what’s something you could do differently?

If you could use some guidance and accountability, our personal trainers are here for you! If you’re not already working with us, apply for an Exploratory Session today and let’s have a conversation about it!

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