If we’ve been connected for a little while, you’ve probably noticed that I’m often thinking about “why this,” “how come that,” or, “how can I change that to an advantage?”

I was feeling a little frustrated a few weeks ago with the fact that I’d had the goal a year ago of spending more time in warmer weather this winter, and at the time, I was not, in fact, in warmer weather. Admittedly, our winter has overall been pretty mild this year, but I was feeling it.

soak up the sun

As I got to thinking more about it, I realized that the frustration was a gift. One, it is an indicator that something needed to change: either my physical location, or my mental attitude about it. Secondly, I’d had a conversation with a family member who is pretty consistently negative and down on life that caused me to feel gratitude that I had the vision, the goal, and the longing to do something different rather than just complain about not being in warm weather.

Third, and most remarkable to me, I got excited. The frustration was showing me the difference between where I see myself, where I want to be, and where I am right this moment.

dream achieve

Now, that observation can go two ways, right? On one hand, it can be discouraging, or, on the other hand, the one I chose to focus on and take a magnifying glass to, I could allow a recounting of other goals I’ve set that I’ve achieved. I concluded that it’s only a matter of time.

The end result was positive and energizing, as opposed to discouraging and demotivating.

I truly believe we can work within ourselves with our selves and choose to work through frustrations like this to motivate us forward. You could likely fill a book full of stories of things you set out to achieve and the fact that you accomplished them. Lean on those in times of frustration, change whatever needs to be changed within your actions or perspective, and I bet that you’ll be well on your way.

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