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We’ve had many clients come to us frustrated because they have a health/fitness/wellness goal but then there’s a candy bowl at work or they’re on the go and feel forced to just grab something that is comforting and quick but it’s not supporting their goals.


Have you faced this challenge yourself? Do you ever find that you want to grab junk, chocolate, or something that is readily available? How do you eat when you’re stressed out? Does that support your overall health, fitness, and wellness goals?


I like to explore and ask the question of WHY – why is it that in that moment you decided to eat the candy or grab the food that is not ultimately supporting your goals? (Not judgmental, but inquisitive) – Was it for comfort? Was it to battle stress?
healthy food
If the underlying reason is for comfort in the moment, let’s take a functional approach to change habits around how we respond to stress and/or comfort-seeking in foods. Here’s some great info on stress-reducing (cortisol-fighting), anti-inflammatory foods:
  • http://bit.ly/2qFga87 – Great info on how to reduce stress with foods, exercise, herbs, and other methods like acupuncture, nature/outdoors, breathing, essential oils, and sleep.. (these are alternatives to emotional eating/comfort eating)
  • 18 of the Best Stress-Relieving Foods (Yum!)
What has been your experience? Do you have a further question about this? Please share and let’s have a conversation!
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