It can sometimes seem easier to get started than to find sustainability in exercise. At what point, though, do you get tired of the yo-yo, the on-and-off the bandwagon? It’s mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting. How do you crack the code of consistency?

If we’re connected on social media, then you likely saw my rant about this a few weeks ago 🙂 And if we’re not, and you’re on social media, do connect with me! I love sharing and conversing and all of that! (Here’s my Facebook & Instagram)

It was a Saturday morning and I had my heart set on a 12 mile run. Now, I’m not training for anything in particular right now. My goal for the wintertime was to have a 10 mile base on my legs. With the weather warming up, I decided to take it up a little notch. 
I checked the weather channel app and it said that rain would begin around 11:15 am. It was about 8:30 am, and I took my time drinking my morning cup of tea. I even did a little journaling before getting out around 9:15. 
sustainability in exercise run
As soon as I got outside, it was misting. Ok, not bad, I thought, but also, not NOT raining .. haha. I was prepared with my rain jacket and visor on. No big deal. 
Around mile 4, it started POURING. Miserably. The route I had mapped out was a bit of a large loop. I could not cut it short by any less than 8 miles with where I was at that point.
I had to have an internal conversation about what I wanted to do. All of the thoughts on the table. I’m not training for anything. I don’t need 12 miles. This is not worth being miserable. The rain soaked through my jacket and I got cold. I decided that if the rain were not to let up, I would cut the run to 8 miles. 
run at all costs
See, when I first started running and getting into it and fitness, I had the “do it at all costs” approach. You never knew what it was going to do on race day, so you go out and run in any and all conditions.

(Yes, I’m wearing a trash bag there – circa 2012. The early days ..)

And that served me, for a time. For a season. Today, though, I don’t count it as worth it if I’m absolutely miserable as I was in this situation to do it all. Given my variables, I didn’t need to push myself through suffering the elements just to get those extra 4 miles. 
The rain did let up, I did relatively dry off, and had an enjoyable rest of my run, getting all 12 miles in. 
Still a little miffed at the weather channel app. 🤣

I wanted to get the 12 miles because I had said I was going to do them, and that little extra push (I had done 10 the weekend before) made me feel good. An extra little accomplishment. 

Running and getting my workouts in and keeping to my routine not only makes me feel good mentally and emotionally. It supports my physical health and fitness, as well.

That is what sustainable motivation and sustainability in exercise is to me. I felt so good having got all my miles in that day. The following week was a drop back/recovery week, too, so a win-win for me: to push and then to recover .. both physically and mentally.


sustainability in exercise 2 run

A huge key to our own sustainability in exercise is learning how to work with our own selves.

Health in all areas has become the #1 value in my life which I try to align all of my decisions and actions with. That takes the motivation kind of out of the equation – it’s just something I do. And I glean all the benefit from it that I can.

In the beginning, I had outside accountability, too – running groups and buddies I’d meet up with for workouts. Over time now, it’s just something that I do, regardless if anyone else is involved, or if any event (like a race) is on my agenda. It’d feel weird not to do it.

We’re set up to help you crack your code for sustainability as well. I love talking and keeping in touch with our former clients, and so often, they’re telling me about how their fitness routines have stuck and how they’ve evolved over time. It’s beautiful!

So – if you’re already working with us, keep this in mind! 🙂 And if you’re not, let’s have a conversation about it! Apply for an Exploratory Session below. Let’s discuss!

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