One of the key things that the onset of the pandemic taught me was the importance of home being a safe haven, a place of stress relief.

I already called my home the “Oasis.” The importance of this became of utmost importance as the world around us – my late boyfriend and I – became incredibly unstable and unpredictable overnight.

home as a safe space

Stay at home, go outside, don’t go out anywhere .. essential business .. and each of our entirely human reactions to it. It was chaotic .. and stressful.

We both ran businesses. We both had to figure out how to navigate within our own realms what to do.

The stress level was high. We’d get in arguments, moreso because our stress levels were so high, not because we actually had a reason to argue.

We needed to remind each other that we were there for each other, not against one another.

Home had to return to a place of “Oasis” – the concept was that we’d leave the craziness outside. We’d protect the peace in our home.

Have you thought about this with your own home? Your abode? Your safe haven from stress, strain, and all the exterior cares of the world?

home as a safe place 2 stress relief

At the end of the day, it’s important we have a place to come home to (even if you’re working from home, work with me here) that while anything and sometimes everything “out there” may be stressing us out, we have the opportunity to let our hair down, kick our feet up, relax, rejuvenate, and take good care of ourselves.

A place to de-stress.

What’s something you can do today to make your home a little more cozy, easeful, peaceful, and stress-relieving? It might be as small as getting your favorite candle or incense or putting on a smooth jazz or lo-fi playlist to bigger things like simplifying your space so that you don’t see piles and overwhelm everywhere when you come home. (I’ve become ruthless to not leave things everywhere because the feeling of clean and clear space just feels so .. spacious! And good.) Hello, stress relief!

Specifically setting our home up to be a stress reliever and communicating to others in our household that it is a space for rejuvenation, healing, and support is a true game-changer.

I invite you to explore how this may apply to you and what you can do to increase your own home’s “Oasis” value!

This is another facet of how examining our lives holistically to line them up with our health, fitness, and wellness goals works better to achieve them rather than hammering away at one habit. Stress does not do well for these goals!

Don’t just take my word for it, or even the fact that you know it to be true. Here’s what WebMD has to say about the negative effects of stress on us.

Our personal trainers can be your support to help you identify areas that are not aligned with your higher goals and provide added accountability for the changes you wish to make and experience.

Reach out today by applying for an Exploratory Session and let’s explore what this can look like for you!

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