Guest article by Brandi Bovell, owner, Old Mechanicsville Health Spa

In my field I have heard every reason under the sun that my clients have avoided drinking enough water. The most common reasons however are; “I dislike the taste of water”, “I have to have my water at a specific temperature”, or “I am busy and forget”. I’ve also been that customer at a restaurant when the server brought my water over and I instantly wanted to spit it out because it tasted foul. I could instantly tell they had not changed the filter in a while. I am a water snob, so I understand your dilemma, and I wanna help!

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My first suggestion is to make sure you have access to good quality water at home and at your office. Most refrigerators now include a water dispenser that dispenses filtered water. Just make sure you follow the manufacturer’s suggested schedule for changing the filter. At the office I have an Avalon Water Filtration Cooler installed, and we always get compliments on how good our water tastes. I bought a half gallon jug off of amazon that I fill up at home or my office before heading out anywhere. That way I know I’m carrying good quality and good tasting water with me.

I personally love for my water to be ice cold, and will not drink it any other way. The half gallon jug I bought on amazon is insulated. It will keep my water cold if I fill it up with ice in the morning. I can refill it multiple times per day and it will stay cold.

If you still do not care for the taste after the above 2 suggestions, try adding in a bit of natural flavor with the ideas below.

#1 My personal favorite water add in is fresh mint leaves. I like to pinch a few (or a lot) off the plant, rinse, and then break them apart when dropping in to release flavor. Our mint garden is over growing at the spa, if you need some mint just come grab it. Everything we grow here is always free to anyone. You can also easily grow these at home. I like spearmint and peppermint the best, and they grow like crazy in a sunny spot. They also come back every year!

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#2 Another super refreshing add in that also helps ease tummy troubles is fresh ginger root. For the soda drinkers, this is your swap! Out with the ginger ale, in with the ginger water! Simply peel a piece of ginger (I like approximately the size of my thumb), then slice into nickel sized rounds. Toss in your water, give it a little swirl and enjoy. This is also an excellent choice during pregnancy to calm the nausea and reflux.

#3 If cleansing and weight loss is your goal, and you love citrusy beverages, try a sliced citrus fruit. Lemon, Lime, or grapefruit are popular choices to give your water a kick. Drinking water with added citrus fruit freshens breath, and provides Vitamin C. Additionally it can help flush the kidneys, promoting optimal kidney function.

#4 Berries! It is hard to think about a southern spring without thinking about fresh strawberries. Adding sliced strawberries to your water reduces bad cholesterol, inflammation, and tastes amazing. Berries also look pretty in your water! If you’re not a strawberry fan, blackberries or blueberries are also nice, and any berry add in is great for heart health.

#5 Raw Honey adds a sweet pop when stirred into water in small amounts. Consuming raw honey on a regular basis has been shown to decrease allergic response to environmental allergies. Raw honey also helps reduce diarrhea by helping to rebalance the gut. Raw honey is also loaded with antioxidants your body needs to fight free radical damage. Raw honey might be a good add-in for you if you like sweet and are seeking beautiful, healthy skin.

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#6 Try mixing a few different add-ins until you find the best combination to satiate your taste buds. Think Strawberries & Mint, or Lemon & Blueberry. Let your creativity guide you!

Brandi Bovell is the owner of Old Mechanicsville Health Spa, located in Mechanicsville, VA. For more information on her services, click here.

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