Winter exercise? Brr! Ah, the middle of winter. Well, just about. It’s sure feeling like it, some days, right? Then again, here in Richmond, VA, we can joke about “getting all four seasons within a week..”


I was recently enlightened to part of my distaste of winter being that I’m typically just cold. And when I’m cold, I’m typically cranky about it. Truth be told, I get chilly below 75 degrees. 😅
winter exercise 1
HOWEVER! It was shared with me recently a new perspective: “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.”
I’m learning and finding this to be true. (Perhaps I am late on this thought train!) To have a warmer coat and better outdoor gear for the winter, while I still prefer warmer air outside, I’m learning an appreciation for the crispness of the cold – how it feels on my face and in my lungs.
I invested in some warmer run gear (I don’t recall the last time I had purchased new run tights or a new run jacket) and even went out in the cold rain the other day. While it wasn’t optimal, it was bearable. I’d still rather weather the elements than get on the treadmill.
winter exercise 2
Thought I’d share this as an example with you. I know many of us experience that seasonal blah feeling with the short, cloudy days and cold wind, and yet, perhaps making a concerted effort to make the best of it and find things to be appreciative of, with an open mind, can help us to embrace the changing of the seasons while still staying active, moving our bodies, and taking darn good care of ourselves.

For example, crisp, clear days are really wonderful times I enjoy taking my boy for walks! Then we both get some winter exercise!

Still yet, being resourceful and perhaps altering our routines with the seasons is a natural way to ebb and flow throughout the year. I encourage you to be open-minded and speculative as to what that means for you. Check out another blog post of ours for some more introspective questions to ask yourself with the changing of seasons!
If you’re already working with us, I also encourage you to have these conversations with myself and your coach! 
And if you’re not already working with us, I invite you to reach out by applying for an Exploratory Session below. We specialize in helping you get (and continue) moving, and finding ways to make it enjoyable for you!


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