Why hire a personal trainer? Before I realized the passion and the vision to become a personal trainer and start a fitness studio, I saw the importance of not doing it alone.

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Back in 2008, I got my first gym membership. I was motivated! And when I am motivated, I am doggedly determined. (Some call it hard-headed, but hey, I prefer to look at the positives 😉).

I started going to the gym twice a week, then three times, four, five, and six times a week. I worked my way up to running 10 miles on the treadmill. I was lifting some weights, too.

But I wasn’t getting the results I wanted – ultimately, I wanted to be confident in my own skin, which proved to be not only a physical challenge to create; it was also an internal challenge I needed to grow through.

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Truth be told, I didn’t know what I was doing. I had no plan. I didn’t know the science behind how to create a program that would create the aesthetic I was running after, and I didn’t know how to eat, or how much or little to eat. I was also not sleeping a lot at that phase of my life. I wish I did hire a personal trainer; I’d have saved so much time, effort, energy, and money.

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I learned later that I was eating too little, which was undermining the work I was doing in the gym. When I got the education to become a personal trainer, I learned how to plan, progress, and program my workouts into phases. I also, over time, learned that sleep was my body’s best friend to recover.


I’ve seen many people start their year with fervent energy to create lifestyle change, only to burn out by February. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I looked around and saw big gyms overselling memberships to resolutioners in January that they knew wouldn’t be followed through on by March. (Here are some tips on How NOT to Make New Year’s Resolutions!)

I don’t agree with that business model.

I believe that if you make an investment into your health, fitness, and wellness, you should get the results that you’re after.

That’s where we come in. As holistic personal trainers, we are here to guide and support you in any way that we can to help you achieve your goals. 

Just shy of doing it for you, we do everything we can to help get you there.

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If you’re working on healthy lifestyle changes for this year, allow me to encourage you: don’t go it alone. Don’t waste time, energy, and dollars on what doesn’t work, or hasn’t proven to be sustainable in the past.

If you’re already working with us, I applaud you! 👏🏼 I’m so glad for our connection. Please remember to press in to the relationship with your trainer to get all the results you are here for. Communication is key!

If you’re not yet working with us, I invite you to apply for an Exploratory Session. Let’s have a conversation about what it would look like. No plan with us is cookie-cutter – we work together with you to crack the code to your sustained health, fitness, and overall WELLness!

Let’s go!!

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