What Lies Deeper than a Great Swimsuit Shot

Of course, we all want to look good in our swimsuit, but even more important is how that makes us feel.   To not have to think about what our body looks like in whatever clothing we're putting on it is a gift like none other.   I began my fitness journey by wanting to feel comfortable and...

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How to Regain Fitness

How do we get restarted after stepping back, for whatever reason?   Get a baseline measurement for where you're at today. Don't take it as a personal or self-defining mark, but rather information gathering to see what you're capable of right now.   Start small. Incremental action = winning, and...

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Breath & Meditation Workshop 3/19

Breathing is essential to life. Proper breathing is essential to quality of life. The breath directly influences and is influenced by the nervous system. In this breath workshop, we will discuss the relationship between the nervous system and the breath, the anatomy of the muscles of respiration,...

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Hanover Open House by Appointment 3/26!

Are you curious to explore what it would look like to work with us towards your health, fitness, and wellness goals? We’re hosting an Open House on Sat, March 26 from 11 am – 2 pm so you can do just that! Register today and a coach will reach out to you to schedule your time to meet. Times are in...

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🔑🗝 The Key to Great Self-Care

🌟 The key to self-care is self-awareness 🌟 Many conversations of late, particularly since the onset of the pandemic, have included mental health and self-care. And, of course, following through. Also: that is read, "self" awareness, not "everything else under the sun except myself" awareness. See...

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Skeptical of the Glitter Littered Gym Ads?

I'm not sure if your social media or web searches are glitter littered with ads right now from many different gyms and fitness options - but mine are! It got me thinking quite a lot about the various New Years' Specials that many places have going on. How many of them will partner with you...

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Kick Start Your Year!

https://youtu.be/jFgnhqIMBOI Ready to give your health, fitness, and wellness the attention it deserves? Look no further! Your personal trainer at The Well Personal Fitness studio is ready to cocreate a plan specifically for you based on your goals, interests, current physical activity, and any...

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Online Stretching Class Sun 12/19!

Join us for an online stretching class Sunday, Dec 19th @ 10 am!  Stretching & mobility will be the theme. You'll be guided by one of our certified professional personal trainers and leave with a sustainable routine that, if done daily, will help your everyday movements feel much...

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Daily Inspirational Emails

We've been compiling inspirational and motivational quotes and snippets of wisdom for sometime now and have created a quick little daily email sendoff of them for you! It has been shown that the trajectory of our life lies within the trajectory of our mental space. This is a way you can bring in...

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